Minneapolis, Minn – It is now official, and not just because it’s on the internet: SSC Minneapolis City has joined the Premier League of America, a 4th Division league in the US soccer pyramid.

“We are excited to join the Premier League of America” said SSC Chairman Dan Hoedeman. “Since 1977, our teams have been at the forefront of soccer in Minnesota and the PLA gives us a great opportunity to show our stuff and give our players a platform at a higher level.”

“Also, we get to play two teams from Milwaukee.” 

The PLA, which grew out of the former Great Lakes Premier League, will feature eleven teams in 2016. The current teams are located across five states, including Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

“Our goal in 2016 is to continue to provide highly competitive soccer matches in a fan-friendly environment,” said PLA President Nate Stovall. “Minneapolis City brings a very good team and a quirky group of supporters to our league, and we can’t wait to see them in action this summer.”

“Nate is absolutely right” continued Hoedeman “though more people would surely want to see us in action if FIFA allowed that skin-tight onesie kit Cameroon wore. Oh well.”

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