Two games in two days is hard. Two games in two days with 14 hours of driving is harder. It was a tough weekend as we squared up against 3rd place Cedar Rapids and 5th place Croatian Eagles.

 Engel, calm in possession against Croatian Eagles

Engel, calm in possession against Croatian Eagles

A tough weekend made hotter by playing in above 90 degree temps both days. These factors showed, as we struggled to really find our groove this weekend, and fatigue was a definite factor for Saturday’s game. We walked away with 1 point of a possible 6.

The Cedar Rapids tactics book only had one page: The Long Ball aka the “Give it to the fast guy”. In middle school our fast guy’s name was Bob, and we called it the “Bobsled”. Anyways, I digress. The Rampage earned a PK near halftime and put it past Elder, despite going the right way and getting a hand to it. The Grumpy Crows continued to grow in to the game, but didn’t completely find their stride until the final 15 minutes. First with a wonderful chance off a freekick that was somehow saved after an attempt from 4 yards, and second when Goose played substitute Will Kidd in behind. He capitalized on the opportunity, and slotted to the right of the keeper. Rescuing a point from what seemed a loss was a big relief, and head coach Keith said that they can expect a rude awakening when we play at home.

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 Duncan running his box

Duncan running his box

Spending the night in Crapids had on us back on the road Saturday morning, destination: Milwaukee. We were caught on the back foot out of the gate, still working to get the roadtrip wiggles out. An early chance brought a fine save out of goalie Duncan Werling, diving low and to his left, he needed to be quick and delivered by pushing the ball around the post for a corner. We settled in around 20 minutes, and the majority of the remaining half was spent very even, with decent chances from both sides.

In to the second half, it wasn’t long until we saw the only goal of the game. A mishit cross from the left was lost in the sun, and brushed an apprehensive Dunc’s fingertips as it dropped in to our net on the near post. As the half continues on, we start to see the effects of fatigue on the crows. Goose, going on an electric run (as he tends to do..) was met with a very hard challenge that saw his game time come to a close, as he was helped off injured.

His teammates responded well following the challenge, and brought a renewed energy to the rest of the game. We had a number of close chances, and one fair cry to bring goal line technology to the PLA.


Following the controversial clearance, we were caught on the break, but Dunc came up huge with a reaction save to keep the game 1-0. The energy continued, as we saw good chances in the 72nd, 74th, 81st, and finally 94th minute. Unfortunately none were good enough, as the final whistle sounded. 

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Moving Forward

We’ve got an above average week coming your way! Wednesday, we’ll be out tailgating the MN United Open Cup game against Sporting KC. We’ve got a beer with your name on it (until they run out) if you swing through. Catch us by the front gate, along the practice field fence with some fresh Summit and maybe even a smile or two at 5:30.

Another chance to hang with us! Thursday We’ll be out repping MCSC at Crooked Pint and at Brit’s for the US quarterfinal against Ecuador.

And the most important one of all! The Madison 56ers visit The Barnyard with a 4 PM kickoff. We promise the usual fun times, and you should be there.

We’re still in 2nd, and right in the thick of title contention as we move in to the second half of the season.

Everybody loves a title race, so don’t miss a second of it and

We’ll be there, You’ll be there. Now let’s get those three points.