Minneapolis City is officially moving to the National Premier Soccer League, competing in the North Conference, for the 2017 season.

The NPSL is a national league of over 100 clubs, and is recognized as Division 4 on the U.S. Soccer pyramid along with the Premier Development League.

“The NPSL will give us national exposure” said Executive Board Member Sarah Schreier. “And, with national playoffs and national Player Showcase, a unique and beneficial experience for our players looking to move to the next level.”

The NPSL is divided into four geographic regions, with conferences within those regions. City will compete in the Midwest Region, with powerhouses like Detroit City, Grand Rapids and reigning national champion AFC Cleveland.

We will compete in the North Conference. The rest of the conference will be announced in the coming days, though we can promise teams in close proximity, so watch social media to see our slate of opponents.

“This is a great opportunity for our supporters” said Managing Director Dan Hoedeman. “Regional rivalries have been a focus of ours from day one, and this conference gives us that in spades.”

Welcome to THE NORTH.


More games. City will play 14 league games, 7 home and 7 away–on top of any US Open Cup or friendly matches that we schedule.