Minneapolis, Minn. — Isaac “Goose” Friendt has made it official: he is returning to Minneapolis City for the 2017 season, the club’s first in the National Premier Soccer League. Friendt, who was a FiftyFive.One Player of the Year finalist, is back in the City of Lakes after an impressive first season for the Crows.

“It took a few conversations with Goose’s coaches at Indiana to get this deal done” said Sporting Director Jon Bisswurm. “It was worth it. Goose is tireless, he’s explosive, and he is a key part of our team. I can’t wait to see him flying down the wing.”

Friendt is the club’s sixteenth signing so far, leaving at least ten spots up for grabs as the final open tryout looms on March.

“We’re almost there” said Head Coach Adam Pribyl. “It’s exciting.”