Renowned street art crew Kamp Seedorf make their first visit to the United States and create murals of Crows legends.The Almere-Amsterdam based street art crew, called “the Banksy of football” by FourFourTwo magazine had never before been to America. They had never painted an American player. They had never painted anyone from an American club. Until now.

“The Banksy of football” – FourFourTwo magazine

The anonymous street artists were attracted by the club’s uncorporate ethos and liked the idea of taking their talents to a new continent. The crew has been active for nearly 10 years–interestingly, they started around the same time the Mpls City founders started Stegman’s Old Boys–and have done a number of famous installations around Europe. They even have a special exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum of Art.

“We love that the players don’t get paid, they have so much passion and do this for love of the sport.” – Kamp Seedorf

The semi-permanent murals were placed around the Standish and Cedar-Riverside neighborhoods, and two were a surprise.

“We knew that they were going to do a mural on the side of The Club Shop and at Palmer’s Bar” said club co-founder Dan Hoedeman “and it was incredible when two others just sort of appeared. What a gift to the club and to our players.”

Players featured included Matt Elder, Martin Browne, and Ben Wexler. The three had each played with the club since 2016, with Elder and Wexler starters for the club’s first-ever competitive match away to Milwaukee Bavarians in May 2016.

“The idea of this was to say thank you to our players.” – Dan Hoedeman

Hoedeman continued “the idea of this was to say thank you to our players. They put in so much time on the field and off to make the club happen. The players make this so special and I wish every one of them, especially the old Barnyard crew, could have gotten their own semi-permanent installation.”