It’s time to honor the players who have made this club what it is.

“As we move into our fifth season, with a bunch of trophies (real and fake) and nearly 100 games under our belt, it’s time to take a look back.” — Matt vanBenschoten

The Legends Club is a way to officially honor players who played their way into the collective memory of the club, and never forget them. Players who are nominated and accepted will be honored at a home game this season, feted at a dinner where we say nice things about them, and memorialized on this very website so their exploits remain fresh.

We are asking fans to help determine the first batch of players who enter the Legends Club by sending us nominations.

Fans can nominate up to three players. Only players who no longer play with the club are eligible and, once a player is a Legend, he remains a legend. So nominate carefully and with an eye to the future.

Know also that we will open up Legends Club nominations every year so that, similar to the Baseball Hall of Fame, we have an ongoing, living, expanding universe of players to remember and honor.