Today, the NPSL announced that the official national league season will not happen this year because of COVID-19.We are disappointed. And we are disappointed that the decision was made this early, before any other league made a decision. But we remain, as ever, undefeated.Rest assured that we *will* play in 2020 assuming we kick COVID-19 and get back to normal life.“We won’t play if it’s unsafe, and we will follow the directives from the CDC and USASA, but we will do everything we can to play this summer. We can’t help it–we’re a soccer club. It’s what we do.” – Dan HoedemanWe will not play a game if there is risk to supporters, players, or staff from playing it. If there is a way to safely play games this summer, however, we will. We are still in the U.S. Open Cup. Premier teams, including pro teams, have reached out about games. We may even play other NPSL teams.From the league’s announcement:

Earlier this week, USASA has extended its ban on soccer activity until April 30, and the CDC last week has recommended there be no group activities for eight weeks, which coordinates with May 10.

Given these circumstances, the 2020 NPSL summer season, under its current competition structure, has been cancelled.  This decision was made unanimously by our Board of Directors.

For teams that remain open to playing some form of soccer in 2020, the league is here to accommodate you if the environment and USASA permits it.  We do not know what a new competition structure may look like; it depends on how quickly the CDC advises that it is safe to return to normal activity.  If things should resume with the opportunity to play in the summer, we will work with interested teams to formulate a customized competition structure that can get interested teams back on the field and working towards rebuilding their connection to their communities.

The club front office will work over the coming weeks to build a competitive schedule of home and away games this summer and will communicate that information out to Members and supporters once plans start to solidify. Until then, stay safe, stay inside, and go City!