General Manager Adam Pribyl announced that Alli Lipsher as the club’s first Director of Goalkeeping.

Lipsher joins the Mighty Crows with a stellar coaching and playing background. She was a four-year starter at Duke, where she helped the Blue Devils to two Sweet-16 and one Elite-8 appearance. She then had a six-year professional career in the United States and Australia. Currently, she is also the Director of Goalkeeping at the University of Minnesota, Fusion Soccer Club, and owner of First Line Futbol.

“We are creating a high performance environment for our players, and to do that you need great coaches” said Pribyl. “As we grow, we are committed to providing great coaching, and more specialized coaching, to our players. Alli is a top coach with a fantastic pedigree and she is going to be great.”

Lipsher will train the club’s senior goalkeepers and develop the training approach and methodology for goalkeepers across the club.

“The mission, the approach, the level of the players, all of it, it’s all top-notch and I am so excited to be a part of it” – Alli Lipsher

Lipsher becomes the first woman to coach in the NPSL North Conference and is one of a very few to ever hold a coaching position in the league. She is also one of a very few people ever to trade Hawaii, where she was born, for Minnesota. Clearly she is a woman of taste and erudition.

“Soccer has that old boys club feel about it in many places” said Co-Founder Dan Hoedeman “but that’s their loss if they are willing to overlook big talent because of gender. I’m so excited that Alli is joining because she’s a great coach and because she’s now our great coach.”