Introducing the (re-)launch of Oh when the Crows, a periodical fanzine-style magazine that tells the stories of Minneapolis City.

Oh when the Crows was started as a blog by a former Minneapolis City intern and some friends.

They did some really great work, with the Oral History of the First 4-2 Win Over Duluth a particular favorite with the fine folk at City Towers. It had been a while since they last posted, so we checked in with them. Time was tight, and that is easy to understand what with college and the pandemic. The conversation was meandering to a close when our former intern mentioned that his original vision was a printed fanzine.

That was interesting.

Then, our friends, the Arancione supporters group for English club AFC Portchester (more on them in this issue), sent me their most recent fanzine. It was cool. We reached back out to the original Oh, when the Crows crew with an idea. And now we’re launching that idea.

You will see the first issue of what will be an every-other-month-ish periodical zine in mid-January. The first issue is chock full of goodness: we sit down and chat with Jonah Garcia, we hear the highlights from Kamp Seedorf’s American vacation, Adam Pribyl gives us an update on the Futures, and more. It’s 30 pages or so of soccer goodness available as a single issue or an annual subscription.

Want to check it out? Of course you do. CLICK HERE and enjoy!