Give to the Max Day has allowed Minnesotans to show their generosity to local non-profits. This year, we ask that you help us continue to grow soccer in Minneapolis by making a donation to our Futures program.

The Futures Program is designed to support 40-50 of the most promising Twin Cities-based soccer players, age 20 and under, with aspirations to continue playing beyond their teenage years at the highest levels.

Unfortunately, pay-to-play is a reality in United States soccer. Until things change at the federation, this is the soccer world we live in.

The annual cost to play traditional youth soccer in the Twin Cities can range from $1,800 on the lower end and $3,900 on the higher end. To play within a national travel elite league or youth academy, the costs can be in upwards of $6,000-$10,000 per player per year.

With a primarily all-volunteer staff, a super awesome group of club members, and the unique format of the Futures Program, Mpls City SC aims to offer Futures programming at a cost below $900 for 2020-2021. In addition, we strive to offer scholarships for at least 20% of the player pool.

That’s where a donation can make a big impact. Helping us fund the Futures program allows players or families who may not have the means to be able to have the same opportunity. Any dollar amount helps. Click the donate button below to help local soccer players have a chance to develop their game and chase their dream of playing soccer at one of the highest levels.


Support Minneapolis City, a 501c3 all-volunteer DIY club, in creating an affordable, high-performance, community-focused environment for players to elevate their game, and their lives.

We are an all-volunteer, 501c3 community club that exists to provide local players and coaches a high-profile, high-performance environment to elevate their game and get noticed. And we are active with youth, clubs, and other organizations in the Twin Cities that get kids active and do good in our community.